Our tradition

The Mežiška valley is surrounded by mountains. It has been used as a trade channel of all the great traders of the Roman Empire since the Roman times. And still today, with the the valley being used to connect the modern worlds of Austria and Slovenia, the symbol of the old trade channels lasts. Because of its busy trader’s traffic, it is only logical that the valley was known soon to be a good place to start a business – that was also probably the cause why the first owners of this guesthouse left Austria in the 17th Century and started their new business in today’s town Prevalje, then Aichdorf (later in Slovenian language Dobja vas). Their first son was born here in 1640; the first information, which indicates the existence of a tavern, can be found from some years later. Through the years it served to the traders as a stopover on their long ways with horses or as a shelter in bad weather. As they often wanted to stay over night, the owners expanded the tavern and added the bedrooms.

The stable of the building – next to the guesthouse – was used as a shelter for all the exhausted horses. In the backyard of the guesthouse, towards Ravne na Koroškem, were fields and many fruit trees. Later on, when the waggoners were getting fewer, they replaced some of the fruit trees with a bowling alley that is why the alley got partly closed down. Over the years, the bowling alley got closed down even further by walls and roof – until it became a small hall for different festivities.



In the near situated regions, as well as in the whole former Yugoslavia, the guesthouse was known for its long-bearded guesthouse keepers. The guesthouse has been in the property of the family Brančurnik (back in the time of Austria-Hungary written as Brantschurnig or Wrantschurnig) since the 17th century. Through the years of its existence it was only rented twice – last time in the 20th Century. In the year 1999, the last male beneficiary of the Brančurnik took over the family guesthouse again. With a great deal of dedication and love for the hospitality sector, the family renovated the approximately 300 years old walls. The front appearance as well as its location reamined the same – placed at the main road of the Mežiška valley, between Prevalje and Ravne na Koroškem, still keeping the old house name “pri Brančurniku” (at Brančurnik’s) and its charm of centuries.

With the renovation, the guesthouse has expanded a little bit. Beside the smaller hall another bigger one has grown; these two together can welcome approx. 160 people and are suitable for different festivities, conferences and seminars. The place along the counter still serves as a space for a quick recovery for the transients.

Small groups (6 – 12 persons), with the need of privacy for a talk accompanied by good food and wines are welcomed to the first floor, where three additional rooms are situated. You can experience even more Slovenian wines in the oldest part of Brančurnik’s guesthouse, in our wine cellar – at different occasions with guided wine tastings. The present owner was invited to the Ordo Equestris Vini Europae and joined them in December 2007.

The last long-bearded male member of the Brančurnik family – the owner of the family guesthouse – as well as all the other employees will be honored to have the chance of welcoming you!

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About us

GO-RUS d.o.o.

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Pri Brančurniku 1, 2391 Prevalje, Slovenia